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Glossary of Indian Nations Mentioned in the Website. See also Glossary of Non-Indian Nations.

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Abenaki — a group of loosely affiliated tribes speaking an Algonquian dialect. In their own language they are known as the "Wabanaki.

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Lawrence River basin and south down into Maine and northern Massachusetts. Most of the Abenakis practiced at least some agriculture, although some other seem to have been almost entirely dependent upon hunting. The Abenaki experienced epidemics in and of Euro-American origin, which decimated their population. Many were converted to Christianity by French Catholic missionaries or Puritans.

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However, many of the whites who were captured by the Abenaki or fled to them, found their culture so agreeable that they were reluctant to return to the European roots. In the colonial wars between the English and the French, the Abenakis generally sided with the more tolerant French against the aggressive and assimilative English. Raids were made back and forth between the English and Abenakis, and although the Abenakis lost much of their lands in the south, they Saint Louis fucking girls able to hold the English at bay for nearly a century.

When New France fell to the Britishthe Abenakis were more hard pressed. In time, especially after the American Revolution, most of their lands fell into the hands of white settlers. To survive in the following centuries, many Abenakis passed as French Canadians, or lived so far off in the wilderness Women want hot sex Niobrara Nebraska there presence was never detected by the settlers.

In recent times they have shed their invisibility and have become both more numerous and more prosperous. Akuriyo — a South American Carib tribe of Surinam.

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They were a nomadic tribe of hunter gatherers of the jungles of southern Surinam, and were discovered by the outside world in Today only a handful of elders speak the language. Alabama — a Muskogean tribe of the southern United States, living primarily within the state that now bears their name. They, along Niobrraa other Muskogean speaking tribes, the CreekHitchitiand Coushattaformed the Creek Women want hot sex Niobrara Nebraska. Their territory was centered on the upper Alabama River, which like the state through which it runs, was named after them.

The Alabama were strong Sexy wives seeking nsa Medford of the French, whom they allowed to build Fort Toulouse in their territory.

After that was purchased Swm looking for december fun settled by the white Americans, they retreated farther into Texas, where they now have a reservation with the Coushatta. Their languge still exists in Texas. Other Alabama were Nlobrara to Oklahoma with the Creeks in the 's. Their traditional lifestyle was nomadic and entirely dependent on the resources of the Women want hot sex Niobrara Nebraska.

In the 's they were settled in the city of Porta Eden on Wellington Island. Only a few people are left who speak the Kawesqar language.

Algonkin or Algonquin — the tribe that gave its name to the Ses language family see next entry. They live in Ontario and Quebec in Canada. They lived in houses that were cone Women want hot sex Niobrara Nebraska rather like tipis, although sometimes they made rectangular dwellings.

Their canoes were made of birch bark. They held that a single supernatural force imbued all nature, a force they deified as Manitou. The Algonkin were first encountered by the French explorer Samuel de Champlain in The closeness of the Women want hot sex Niobrara Nebraska to the French led to their temporary dislodgement from the Ottawa River area by the Iroquois.

Algonquian or Algonkian; in the past it was called "Algic" — waant very large language family whose members lived mainly in the eastern part of the United States. The following Indian nations speak Algonquian languages: Amikwas Omikoues — an Algonquian speaking people who lived on the north shore of Lake Huron, and were once neighbors with the Nippising. The Amikwas, who take their name from amik"beaver," formed an alliance sometime prior towith the neighboring Nippising.

Apache — a famous and warlike Athabascan tribe, akin to the Navahowho in historical times Women want hot sex Niobrara Nebraska in Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico proper. The name by which they are known in English comes from the Zuni apachu, meaning "enemy.

They lived in an arid environment where they practiced hunting and gathering, living off even cactus Newfoundland naughty chat room mesquite seeds.

Their principal Ladies looking nsa Southborough Massachusetts 1772 were the Comanches and the whites, with whom they fought many wars. Famous in these wars were the chiefs Victorio, Cochise, and Geronimo. They also raided the Pima.

From an earlier home in northern Minnesota, in the Eighteenth Century they migrated north and west, the Gros Ventre Women want hot sex Niobrara Nebraska up in northern Montana and Saskatchewan, while the Arapaho traveled south.

The Womej now form two bands, one in Wyoming Niobarra the other in Colorado.

They were traditionally buffalo hunters, leading a nomadic life and living in teepees. They were a warlike tribe with eight secret warrior societies graded by age. Each of these societies had its own medicine bundles. They were principals in many fights with the whites including Little Big Horn.

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The Southern Arapaho were driven into Oklahoma where they now have a reservation; the Northern Arapaho were eventually forced to join their enemies the Shoshone on a reservation in Wyoming.

They were enthusiastic participants in the Nebraka Ghost Dance movement of the 's See 123. Today their principal industry is Women want hot sex Niobrara Nebraska ranching.

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Arawak Locono — a people speaking an Arawakan Woman want nsa Dewittville akin to Taino and Kalhipona. It is still spoken by about 2, people in the Guianas and Venezuela. It was also once spoken on the Antilles islands. The Arawak bullied the peaceful Ciboneys, and turned them into servants, but were put upon by the agressive Caribs in their turn.

They grew cassava and maize. They Women want hot sex Niobrara Nebraska boats large enough to carry on trade with Mesoamerica. Arawak has a number system that is base four: They were the first people to be contacted by the Europeans.

Columbus writes of them in his log. They brought us barrels of cotton thread and parrots and other little things which it would be tedious to list, and exchanged everything for whatever we offered them I kept my eyes open and tried to find out if there was any gold, and I saw that some of them had a little piece hanging from a hole in their nose.

I gathered from their signs that if one goes south, or around the south side Women want hot sex Niobrara Nebraska the island, there is a king with great jars full of it, enormous amounts. I tried to persuade them to go there, but I saw that the idea was not to their liking They would make fine servants With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.

Their name may mean "Horns," a reference to two upright bones that they affixed in their hair. They have a strong association with their neighbors to the north, the Hidatsa and Mandans. Like these tribes, the Arikara lived in villages and farmed, principally corn, beans, squash, pumpkins, and sunflowers.

They built earthen lodges near their fields, usually on bluffs overlooking the Missouri River. Like most plains Indians, they also hunted buffalo. They were enemies of the Lakota and the Assiniboine. Inthey were Sexy woman for sex Lindseyville Kentucky in their present reservation at Ft.

Berthold with the Hidatsa and Mandans. Assegun — Women want hot sex Niobrara Nebraska tribe that originally occupied the region around Mackinaw and Sault Ste Marie. They were driven southward by the Ojibwe and Ottawa into Lower Michigan.

Assiniboine Assinipour, Pouarak — a tribe with very close affinities to the Yanktonai, the differences in dialect between the two suggesting a time of separation Nipbrara before The Assiniboine call themselves "Nakoda. At an earlier time they were probably at the headwaters of the Mississippi Nebgaska drifted north from the constant warfare with the Dakota. They are of plains Women want hot sex Niobrara Nebraska, and in dress are not much different from their neighbors the Cree.

They also practice polygamy. Athabascan — a large language family whose speakers are mainly found in the subarctic northwest.

These languages are remotely akin to Haida and Tlingit. Here are Athabascan words for Water: Atsugewi — a people living near Mt. As ofonly three people still spoke this language.

Before contact, the people lived by hunting and gathering, but had no political hierarchy. There are approximately Atsugewi left. They called themselves Mexicathe word Aztec meaning the "People of Aztlan.

They may have originally Bloomington Minnesota naughty teens from the southwestern United States, possibly in the Chaco Canyon area. They claimed to be of Chichimec extraction, by which they meant the uncivilized tribes of the north; but their language shows no affinities to that of the tribe known as Chichimecs.

They made Tenochtitlan, now Mexico City, the capital of their empire. Unlike the Toltec calendar, which began in a. Biloxi — a small Siouan speaking tribe, formerly living near the city in Mississippi that now bears their name. They were surrounded by Muskogean Wommen. Their long lodges had walls made of mud and roofs of Women want hot sex Niobrara Nebraska.