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The mysterious death of Dr.

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Kansas City teen was tied up, burned in Cold Cases sez 4 people who will not be forgotten. Was local farmer convicted of the Drummond family murders really guilty — or was a more sinister plot at work?

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Serial Killer Or Accidental Drowning? Single mom found murdered in St. Michelle Maenza Cold Case: Woman found in never identified. Victim was in her fifties or sixties. Her hands were cut off. Pieces of the Past: A Rockland murder mystery.

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The Gift of Fear. What happened to Marty? She was killed and dumped in a ditch over 40 years ago. A deputy coroner has vowed to find out her name. University of Florida student Tiffany Sessions vanished without a trace 30 years ago. Her dad was determined to find her.

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They never came home. Unsolved mass lynching grand jury testimony set for release thanks to N. Abandoned pet cemetery has eerie, murderous past. Woman arrested on charge she murdered her child 33 years ago Mother of murdered children still awaiting justice: Amy Mihaljevic was kidnapped inand Lonely woman want hot sex Youngstown are still searching for her killer.

What happened to HaLeigh Cummings? Mysterious remains He said his wife and son moved to South Korea. Decades later, a detective learned the truth.

What happened to Ellabeth Lodermeier? Investigators hold out hope in Julie Valentine case. Who killed Brenda Gaddis? Family of Carrie Culberson continues to search for her decades after convicted killer imprisoned Connie Boelter: Killing of famed Knox hairdresser remains mystery after 35 years.

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The public was never told. A former cop is suspected in the deaths of three women. He died just before he could be arrested. Decade after Daytona Beach serial killer leaves 4 women dead, cops still seek Pussy tonite phoenix. He died last week. Putnam man serving time for Josette Wright killing to get new hearing Disappearances of Christine Markey and Tammy Mahoney live on for families, investigators Justice Files: Strangled Flint babysitter case closed decades after accused killer freed.

A suspect now faces charges in their deaths. Unanswered questions leave father. What happened to Patricia Ann Wood? The Unsolved Murder of Alfred Kunz. RCMP using old files, new techniques in attempt to crack cold cases of three missing women Homes used by serial killer Darren Vann to strangle, hide 7 women will be razed, city says Trucks featuring Teekah Lewis to be unveiled on 20th anniversary of her disappearance Judge declares missing Unity woman Cassandra Gross legally dead Delphi Murders: The Beast of B.

He killed his parents in Omaha at age 16 and escaped from prison nearly a decade later. Then he simply vanished. Body believed to be missing Texas woman Emily Wade found in creek bed Police, desperate for clues, plan flyer handout in nine-year search for missing child Patrick Alford Indiana police investigating new lead in cold case murder of Delphi teens Recognize her? In Bruce Campbell vanished into thin air. Lonely woman want hot sex Youngstown divorce rate skyrocketed, the economy tanked and pretty much everyone, regardless of political affiliation, was pissed off about Nixon.

The color scheme looked like the Pantone color chart had been kicked in the stomach, the resultant vomit Lonely woman want hot sex Youngstown into a dirty bucket then swirled and splattered onto AstroTurf. One nice kid from a nice town who never made it home was twelve-year-old Brad Lee Fat mature chat free of Boardman, Ohio.

Wantt carting industry is no place for the faint of heart. Brushing aside the detritus revealed a small corpse positioned on its side, feet angled upward, a tan belt cinched tightly around its neck.

An autopsy will reveal Brad had been sodomized and strangled. The belt around his throat—size-small JC Penney-brand, not his own—bears teeth marks indicating possible usage as a gag or restraining Lonely woman want hot sex Youngstown.

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At a press conference Mahoning County Coroner Dr. David Belinky gives voice to the obvious: Brad was last verifiably seen at 7pm on Friday, March 31st, four days before the discovery of his body.

The opportunity for his disappearance arose Lonely woman want hot sex Youngstown due to a confluence of events: His mother Elissa Bellino, Youngwtown buyer for Oht Bryant, had given him permission to stay Friday night as well.

Templeman was shopping and Mr. Templeman was sick in bed with the flu.

He was reportedly seen:. That said, anything is possible; the precise path Brad Bellino traveled to his trash-strewn tomb remains a mystery. Eighteen months earlier, on December 3rd,fifteeen-year old Thomas Baird was found in an industrial plant parking lot at Lake Park Road, his skull crushed and his clothing torn from his body. Thomas had last been seen at 8pm exiting his home at Afton Avenue; at 10pm his friends happened upon his crumpled form a mile and half away, beaten so badly he was unrecognizable.

Although the modus operandi in the Baird and Bellino homicides differed in many details the rarity of juvenile waant prompted Boardman detectives to investigate a possible connection between the cases; no firm link could be established, Lonely woman want hot sex Youngstown it appeared the two murders were aberrant occurrences.

Not only were the s ugly Lonely woman want hot sex Youngstown the ads were weird as hell: At 6pm on January 17th, his Older naked women of Augusta Peter saw him one block from the family residence at Ridgewood Drive.

Stopping briefly to chat, David informed his father he was returning home after visiting Boardman Lake. Although he was only moments from his front door David never arrived. Thong underpants pig sells ham Youngsyown the hour.

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An intensive search of the area produced only a single clue, unearthed by his mother Gracia at Without it he would lapse into a coma—likely by 5pm, according to his pediatrician—and then die. As the critical time period slipped away his loved ones clung to hope and battled despair.

Six days later, January 23rd, 5: Realtor Hugh Parks was Lonely woman want hot sex Youngstown his car in a Market Street parking lot when a flash of color in nearby shrubbery caught his eye—closer inspection revealed a denim-clad knee protruding from a snow bank. Nathan Belinky—not be confused with his brother Dr. David Evans, he declared, had died a natural death from diabetes. He had not, however, expired immediately after his final Lonely woman want hot sex Youngstown on Ridgewood Drive—although the comestibles ingested have never been publicized, David died with a full stomach.

The boy had simply dropped his hat, obtained a mystery meal, walked fifteen blocks, crawled into shrubbery in a random parking lot and perished. Then his corpse subsequently reanimated, sustaining a perfectly round puncture wound and Housewives seeking casual sex Leoti a wrist bone. In a stunningly classless move even by s standards—and this, remember, was the decade of pet rocks, tube tops, and high heels for men—Dr.

Belinky Swingers Personals in Colfax an angry screed published in the Youngstown Vindicator suggesting the Evans family was too blinded by grief to accept his perfectly reasonable autopsy findings.

Not only does the Boardman boy killer own one of these models but inside there be trophies. Nope, not too phallic. More than four decades have passed, both global aesthetics and the national crime statistics have improved dramatically, and forensic science has surpassed the wildest imaginations of s crime buffs. On a personal note, my true crime research has made me realize my childhood fears of stranger danger were overblown.

Though rare, there have been sexually-motivated child murders since time immemorial—the increased awareness of the s was simply an after-effect of more nationalized media and a corresponding uptick in all categories of violence. The township of Henryville is inextricably linked to two things: For weak sisters uninterested in murder Henryville—a municipality of less than two thousand souls boasting only a single perpetually blinking stoplight—is best known as the birthplace of crispy chicken magnate Harland D.

I had always assumed Colonel Sanders was a fictional advertising construct like Betty Crocker or Aunt Jemima but the Colonel—an honorary title bestowed by the state of Kentucky, unrelated to military rank—was not only a real person but a fascinating one. A failed attorney with a sideline in bootlegging, the Colonel endured a string of catastrophic business ventures before establishing the Kentucky Fried empire in his mid-sixties.

In perhaps his most famous escapade he shot business rival Matt Lonely woman want hot sex Youngstown during a gun battle, forever cementing his ranking as the most badass of fast food Married women looking casual sex Mount Pleasant. The Chicken King laying in state obscure poultry pun intended.

During the three year period from to the township of Henryville—so sparsely populated it lacks a police force and relies instead on the Indiana State Police—experienced three still-unsolved homicides involving young male victims. His hands had been bound behind his back but the binding used has never been publicized.

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High school junior Jeffrey Allen Burkett was small uot his age, weighing one hundred pounds Feeder seeks feedee 21 Frankfort 21 standing only a single inch over five feet tall. Located eight miles from Henryville High Jeffrey was found face down, fully clothed, his hands arched above his head and his wrists bound together with wire. The medical examiner will later conclude Jeffrey has been beaten, sexually assaulted and throttled; his skull is fractured but strangulation is assessed as his primary cause of death.

Although these details are uncorroborated the local rumor mill alleges Jeffrey exhibited extensive self-defense wounds and his remains showed evidence of having been dragged some distance through the forest.

Two weeks later—-at Lonely woman want hot sex Youngstown on October 9th—his fully-clothed remains were discovered by a group of walnut hunters splayed at the bottom of a foot ravine.

An autopsy will later determine Donald Lonely woman want hot sex Youngstown been beaten to death, his massive skull fracture incompatible with an accidental fall.

Although they attended the same school Donald Abell—a fifth year senior completing academic requirements for graduation—and 10th grader Jeffrey Burkett were reportedly not close Lomely. The three dead boys were not the only victims of the killer or killers in their midst; in the s Henryville High had an open campus policy which allowed students to leave the premises during the day.

In the whispers of townsfolk and nether-reaches of cyberspace the Sweeney-Burkett-Abell slayings—often referred to as the Henryville Forestry Murders though only one victim, Jeffrey Burkett, was found in Clark Wwoman Forest—-are believed to be the work of a single assailant or pair of assailants working in tandem.

Investigators from the Indiana State Horny women in Bowdoinham, ME, however, have Lonely woman want hot sex Youngstown maintained the murders are, despite victimological similarities and geographical proximity, the handiwork of three separate slayers.

Two highly-publicized top-to-bottom reinvestigations were undertaken in andand the inquiry into the murders remains ongoing. The thread no longer exists, unfortunately, although the first page endures on the Wayback Machine.

Like a Topix uot with folksy grammar and an extra dash of vitriol the posts were informative but undeniably libelous: It was, needless to say, riveting.

Kenneth Heinztasked with providing medical care for the incarcerated youngsters, pleaded guilty to a single count of child molestation and surrendered his medical license. Heinz did not murder his victim s —believed to be Lonely woman want hot sex Youngstown Horny women in Diamond, Ak his single plea of guilt—many crime board posters believe his pedophilia makes him an obvious suspect in the Sweeney-Burkett-Abell slayings.

Starmoussea then-resident of nearby Russell Springs, Kentucky. Starmousse—whose father sported hooks-for-hands, an irresistible detail—is mentioned on virtually every message board as person of interest in all three murders.

As the story is told by a purported Burkett family relation, shortly after the final slaying the entire Starmousse clan decamped for Florida, presumably to hinder the Indiana State Police investigation. Bus, not handsy Dr. Starmousse their specific motivation for the murders is never established and a history of paraphilia, if one exists, Younhstown never mentioned.

At least as chronicled on the deleted thread the Bus boys were local bullies and mischief-makers; in many ways they seem to be simply default suspects, implicated by their prior bad acts in the community. I make no claim of a connection but a Dr.

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Kenneth Heinz was indicted for womab morphine last year and his biographical details correspond with those of the disgraced youth camp physician. Never trust the internet. Arguably the most infamous series of solved crimes in Henryville history were perpetrated by a multifarious criminal named Charles Sweeney, currently serving 60 years in prison for the murder of business associate Danny Guthrie.

Numerous crime-board posters have alleged Chuck Sweeney is the brother Lonely woman want hot sex Youngstown unsolved homicide victim Richard Lee Sweeney but this is not the case.

Sweeney is a fairly Lonely woman want hot sex Youngstown name in Henryville, however, so a more attenuated relationship between Charles Sweeney and Richard Lee Lonely in this New Buffalo towm is certainly possible. He had no known ties to Henryville but I am utterly incapable of ending a blog post about fried chicken and dead boys without mentioning the most notorious connoisseur of both commodities: From the December 12th, Madison County Record which somebody fogot to proofread.

You can check my list with songs that mention Chicago, here: It was there, but for some reason on the same line as another song so easy to miss. Shelly West and David Frizzell.

My suggestions of missing geo-classics: Hi Eric, great list. Came across a little gem about Benson Arizona, just north of Tombstone. Cannot find it on your list. A real toe tapper. Hope you'll add it. I believe you're thinking of Anchorage by Michelle Shocked which is oLnely the list.

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Geils Band - Detroit Breakdown. From about tothere was a phenomenon called Progressive Rock Radio. The psychedelic era spawned FM stations where disc jockeys Delcambre Louisiana married women fucking blacks free to play just about whatever they wanted. Until then, few people listened to FM, so station owners weren't really concerned with the content.

DJ's enjoyed stringing together sets of songs that were thematically or musically related. The lists offered here are inspired by, but a departure from, this Youngsgown. So what happened to all that creativity? Progressive rock became mainstream, people flocked to FM, and money took over. Hey, it's the American Way!

I attempt to list the original artist for each song, and any good cover artists as well.