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Looking at these pictures of them smiling I truly hope that none of them ever see the light of day. Durvasula explains psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists in plain but very scary terms. Yes, even Vincent Bugliosi, the DA, characterized Linda Kasabianas the only one of the bunch who actually had a conscience. Most depictions have cast her as a spaced out hippy-chick who didn't fully grasp what was about to go down the main reason she went was Shattuc IL bi horny wives drive the getaway car, as she was apparently Swingers chula vista.

Local perfect girls only one with a valid California drivers licenseand she was genuinely horrorfied when the killing began. Definitely not a girl scout, but not a homicidal psychopath either. Fog If Kasabian was willing to take her little daughter and go live with someone like Manson, then, no, she was no Girl Scout. She did telling Manson, srx not Beegen you, I can't just kill Girls looking for sex Bergen but then again she was willing act Girls looking for sex Bergen lookout.

But if it weren't for Kasabian I don't know that they would've been able to stop this group or prosecute them. They are all responsible for what they did. If Girls looking for sex Bergen all refused Manson was too much of a coward to do anything about it. I think I read in 'Helter Skelter' that someone was either interviewing or interrogating Manson and he physically charged them and the person showed no fear Manson literally jumped back, as if he had acid thrown on him.

I guess Manson's kryptonite was not being able to provoke fear in people. This is probably common knowledge by now but it is strongly believed that Doris Day's son, Terry Melcher, was Manson's intended victim that night. Melcher had lived at the house shortly before Tate and Polanski moved in and Melcher was a music label executive who had rejected Manson's demo tapes.

Too bad Axl Rose wasn't a music label executive back then, as he saw fit to include one of Manson's songs on a GNR album. R22, I remember Girls looking for sex Bergen that Krenwinkel stabbed Folger in excess of 20 times, although I believe Watson sealed the deal.

She did the blood writing on the walls at the LaBianca residence too. She was the only Manson girl to be present and active at both sites of murder. Why was a C-section performed on Sharon, did they think there was a chance Girls looking for sex Bergen saving her unborn son? Yes, that's true, R63, and one further tidbit, Melcher's girlfriend at the time, with whom he was shacked up at Celio Drive house was fkr Brown", herself, Candice Bergen.

R70 why should she? Melcher and her dodged a bullet and knives for that matter. Girls looking for sex Bergen happened between Melcher and Manson is well documented anyway.

Neither Melcher or Bergen have ever talked about the murders. Nor has Jane Fonda, who was at the party that night. I'm so glad Atkinson was never granted a compassionate release as she requested when she became aged and sick. That pig didn't deserve anyone's compassion. You have to give the Tate women credit.

They showed up and faced down these psychopaths and just busted their asses at every parole hearing using the truth to keep these ultimate creeps in the jail cells that they belong in. The Tate women are tough. It must Girls looking for sex Bergen been so hard to devote that diligence.

Sharon died with Jay Sebring, the man who loved her. He died fighting for her life. There was no party there that night, R I thought this was an interesting thread. R77 has creeped me out. I need to read o up on this. Whether or not Candice Bergen ever spoke of her once-removed connection to the Manson Family, it must be sooo creepy for her to even contemplate, even now, 50 years later.

Imagine knowing that you came that close to something so evil! As I recall, she and Melcher broke up earlier inwhich is why they moved out of Girls looking for sex Bergen house. Ever see interviews with Susan Atkins in prison? She would talk with such a soft, little girl voice. It was gross, such an obvious attempt at manipulation. I can't watch the whole video right now, but in the comments some note that she does not say she is sorry, that she Walk chat and a massage born-again, blah blah blah.

I recall Susan saying that Sharon wouldn't stop begging for her baby's life the entire time and Susan was getting sick of her, telling her to shut Girls looking for sex Bergen Woman looking nsa Woodside-Drifton that she sounded like "an IBM machine". Again, very happy she never received a compassionate release. None of them and no one who falls into the same category as them ever should.

R86, both Leslie Fpr Pat would be great at re-enacting the newest dance craze, the stabby-stabby! But, let's all wonder what each of them would do once they got voted off!!! Weren't there a lot of rumors about lookin estate's young caretaker, who was staying in the guesthouse behind the main house? Not that he participated but that he changed Girls looking for sex Bergen story about what about what he actually saw and heard over the years.

He was the only survivor. R78, Sharon Tate's Girls looking for sex Bergen has always been very supportive of Polanski. Jay Sebring was the first to be attacked and killed, before Tate was attacked, so it's not clear how he would have fought for her life.

So he didn't tell the police he heard and saw nothing because he had his stereo on but in much later interviews with the press he didn't say Bfrgen heard gunshots and screams and and saw a man kneeling over someone Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Wheeling the yard and heard someone rattling the doorknob of the guest house trying to get in?

And saw a man kneeling over someone in the yard and someone chasing someone past the Bergej house? And got really scared when someone rattled the doorknob of the guest house trying to get in and he hid in a storage place? I'll add that the caretaker was William Garretson, then 19 years old. The first victim was found in a car in the Girle near the estate's entrance, cut and then shot dead.

He had been visiting Garretson. The police found Garretson in the guest house the next at morning, took him into custody and held him for two days. During that time, he claimed he heard and saw nothing because he had his stereo on.

He did not testify to have been using headphones, as often reported. He passed a lie detector test Girls looking for sex Bergen was in Giirls when the LaBianco murders Girls looking for sex Bergen, so he was released. But years later, he oooking very different accounts to the press about what he had actually seen and heard. I'm down the rabbit hole. I watched Atkins full interview. Not once does she say " I did it and I'm sorry". She minimizes her behavior, blames Tex and drugs, deflects.

This corroborated the unofficial results of the polygraph examination that had been given to Garretson on August 10,and that Housewives wants nsa Dudley effectively eliminated him as a suspect. The LAPD officer who conducted the examination had concluded Garretson was "clean" on participation in the crimes but "muddy" as to his having heard anything.

If I had been Garretson, then 19 years old, taken into custody for two days on suspicion of the murders but released, while The Family was still out there even committing later murdersI would have kept my mouth shut too.

I read somewhere that Steven Parent wasn't there to sell Garretson a clock radio, as the official report stated, but that it was actually a hook-up. If Garretson was having boys over to play, yet another reason not to confess the whole truth about anything to the cops.

It is the definitive account of what is the Girls looking for sex Bergen fascinating crime story of the 20th Century.

Not to sound like Stefan, but this book has everything- a scary cult, an insane cult leader, movie stars, rock stars, legal thrills I would say this documentary makes the most sense as to why the murders occurred. It really maps out the entire chain of events.

It goes into things I was not even aware of like the drug deal Tex was trying pull off with Bernard Crow. I still must have had the headlock on Sharon when Tex came Bluewell West Virginia girls that want to fuck. And he told Girls looking for sex Bergen it looked like she wanted to sit down.

I knew I had to say something to her. And while I was talking to her, I knew everything I was saying—I was saying to myself. Then the Folger girl started staggering outside, and Tex and Katie went Cookville-TX XXX couple her.

She was so quiet. I stumbled Girls looking for sex Bergen a documentary on this on Hulu just last night. It's called Truth and Lies: They have video of Susan Atkins at one of her parole hearings actually apologizing, but Sharon's Girls looking for sex Bergen was having none of it.

Atkins, to me, always seemed like she would have ended up a serial killer no matter who she had hooked up with. And Squeaky is still out there as far as I know. She was paroled and moved to somewhere in New York and never renounced Manson. R99 Steve Parent was known to be, literally, an electronics genius. Parent may have used the radio he put together and wanted the other guy to take a look at as an excuse to "hook up". If he did, he did. That has never been confirmed.

Regardless, Parent didn't Girls looking for sex Bergen the radio or get his "hook up" he instead came face-to-face with Tex I-have-now-found-Jesus Watson that night.

Maybe if he had "hooked up" he wouldn't have been leaving the property when he did and maybe he could have survived that night. Building on r54, there were no cellphones back in the 70s, r Back then, people actually held other things in their hands, and looked down at them.

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Ok I went down the rabbit hole. I watched video last night of the Lobianos daughter pleading for Tex's pardon. She read from a paper about how he's a super good Christian now. She had problems reading, like illiteracy issues.

Altobelli told him Melcher no longer lived there, now Girls looking for sex Bergen the hell outta here. Some people say Manson was after Altobelli, to pay him back for being rude to him.

I believe he said something about movie stars living there. Manson knew that Melcher was no longer living at the [house]. Melcher was the most frightened of the witnesses at the trial, even though Bugliosi assured him that " Manson knew Girls looking for sex Bergen were no longer living there".

If you're truly repentant wouldn't you want to accept your punishment? This is a very good thread all about the mason murders. Goes into the connection between Tex and the Labianca's oldest daughter as well steve iGrls being gay. No discussion of the Lkoking murders is Bergenn without discussing Bobby Beausoleil.

A singer and actor, far more handsome than Charlie, Bobby was an equal or superior draw for women. Bobby brought Girls looking for sex Bergen own girls to the Manson Family. He and Charlie were constant rivals. Charlie was jealous of Bobby's attractiveness. Bobby killed a drug dealer. Whether the dealer stole drugs Seniors sex 26210 them or was supposed to get them drugs, I don't remember.

Anyway, Bobby killed the guy and then fir and the girls who were with him painted what would become their signature shit on the walls in blood to make it look all crazy. Bobby was immediately caught and charged. He was Girls looking for sex Bergen Housewives wants sex tonight GA Clyattville 31601 in jail.

Berhen than the "Helter Skelter" race war theory, which played well to the jury but was a peripheral issue, Tate loking LaBianca were copycat killings to get Bobby out.

Getting him out would also leave Charlie in the dominant position within the Family.

Beausoleil has been denied parole many times. He is up again in September. These monsters had agency. They made their own horrific decisions. They weren't "vulnerable" and "manipulated" It wasn't a "man's" fault" or responsibility these bitches did what they did. Some of the Manson family members and acquaintances did NOT do what Charlie wanted them to do, that is, kill people in particularly gruesome ways.

Some of them did. Girls looking for sex Bergen been determined that the Family members who committed or tried to commit murder s had Girls looking for sex Bergen really wrong with them before they ever met Manson.

In "Helter Skelter" it was described as "some inner flaw. I don't believe any of the Manson family who are still in jail ever had any remorse. Girls looking for sex Bergen pretend to have it so they can get out of jail. But they're still the same. I don't think that is a cellphone R She is too young in that pic for there to be cellphones yet. They were not on the market until and they were really big. I think that is a beeper she is holding.

Watkins is the daughter of Manson Family member Girls looking for sex Bergen Watkins. I really enjoyed her book of short stories called Battle-born. Just some Manson Family trivia.

They had been informed that Roman and Sharon lived there, but were told that both were in Europe. They were surprised when they got there and saw Sharon. Sorry girls, Linda Kasabian ruins Sexy lips White haven Pennsylvania whole, "It was all that awful man's fault, it was all Charlie's fault" defense.

I just remember it was a compelling interview and adamant he was about this Girl i ran into at clines corners, how they will show true remorse.

R I do remember a psychologist saying that Van Houten had a "princess complex" and an enormous sense of entitlement and that she became violent if she didn't get her way. There should be an all gay version of the Manson Family minus the killing. I can think of several gay celebs who might have the Charlie inside of them. R, there was a book Huntington VT adult personals a psychologist or criminologist that argued that although female sociopaths and psychopaths exist, they rarely become killers or multiple killers on their own.

What's more common is that if they meet a male psychopath, they become part of a killer couple, or in the case of the Manson family, a killer team. Women don't usually kill strangers unless they do it with someone else.

They have no problem killing people they know by themselves.

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You might lookiny the Family Murders of interest r The defacto leader of that little clan had a much classier moniker: Bevan Spencer von Einem. I think Manson viewed him as more of a liability who was better off in jail and prison.

Not only did Beausoliel bring girls to Charlie, he had Hollywood contacts and what Charlie wanted more than anything was to be the top drug dealer to the stars. Easy money, easy sex, easy life. Pic Dawson was a Gidls drug dealer to famous lloking and he wound up Girls looking for sex Bergen with Mama Cass. Charles Manson was a gang leader. He needed men to do the heavy work of stealing cars, dissembling them and selling parts.

Charlie sexx into drugs, prostitution, theft, he ran a stolen car ring and he killed other drug dealers. Charlie was short and dirty looking. Beausoliel was good looking and fit in with the Hollywood scene more than Manson did.

Beausoliel was in the same movie Jay Sebring was in. Beausoleil has changed his story a number of times. The most frequently told version of what happened with Hinman is that Manson was increasingly on edge after he thought he had shot Lotsapoppa to death, and wanted money to get out to the Girls looking for sex Bergen Ranch in Death Valley to escape what he thought would be a revenge attack from the Black Panthers, with whom he was paranoiacally obsessed.

Lotsapoppa wasn't in the Panthers, he was just an Lookung drug dealer, but anyway. A number of the Family have said that Manson put pressure on them to come up with money, fast. Beausoleil knew Gary Hinman from the Topanga music scene and had crashed at his house. According to the varying accounts, either a Beausoleil believed -wrongly - that Hinman has some inheritance and told Manson about that.

Manson said to go and get that from him, or, b Hinman supplied Beausoleil sec a batch of bad amphetamine which Beausoleil sold to the Straight Satan biker gang that hung out at Spahn to fuck the girls, get drunk and supply Manson with stolen cars partswho then demanded their money back, which Hinman then refused to give Bobby or c Manson had visited Hinman soon before his murder and put pressure on him to hand over his home, vehicles and anything else of value and to join the Family, which Gary refused to do - he let some of them crash at his sometimes and play music but that was all the involvement he wanted, he has saved up to go to Japan to do Niverville NY adult personals Buddism retreat.

In the c version of events, Manson was furious that Hinman refused to join the Family Girls looking for sex Bergen told Bobby to just go and get whatever money he could from Gary.

In the end, after locking him in his house and threatening him with Bruce Girls looking for sex Bergen gun and beating him for two days, Bobby had to phone Manson and say Gary was refusing to hand over any cash, saying he had none of give. Manson and David arrived, David took his gun back, Manson slashed Gary's face with a cutlass type weapon, and they left him to be smothered and stabbed to death by Bobby, Mary Brunner and Susan Atkins. Tonight asap in grandview weird detail about the Hinman case is that a friend of his phoned his house while he was being held captive and a girl answered to say Girls looking for sex Bergen was at his parents' house.

The girl had an English accent. Either Mary or Susan had faked that, presumably. He Girls looking for sex Bergen a psychopath. He married in jail Bergdn she died of cancer recently. But for years he had a strange prison business going, where he would take orders for 'speciality paintings' and sell them. These were all of children being spanked. The prison found out and searched correspondence between Beausoleil and his network of customers. These were pedophiles, and one had written to Bobby that they intended to kidnap a child, which Bobby of course did not report.

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Girks was the end of his 'speciality' painting business. He will die in jail, and deserves to. No one would leave a truly "Leave It To Beaver" household to become a transient. Something happened to her there that created rage. Watson did not live 'full time' with the Family.

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He was a mid-ranking LA drug dealer, who had a place of his own in Malibu at one point. When he ran out of money and got evicted he Girls looking for sex Bergen up living at Dennis Wilson's place. Watson and Dean Morehouse, Ruthann's pedophile father and itinerant preacher, had set himself up as Dennis' in house onsite guru and gardener.

Watson helped out with the grounds. They both met Melcher via Wilson. Watson and Morehouse then lived in a tent together at Spahn ranch, on ground away from the Family. There are reports that state Morehouse and Watson actually lived at Cielo Drive while Melcher was away.

He certainly was taken there by Melcher Wives seeking sex SC Belton 29627 Wilson, he knew the layout of the house.

He later became engaged, and lived in LA with his fiancee. It's important to understand that Melcher and Wilson were terrified of Manson after the killings and tried very hard to hide how close they had been to Watson, Morehouse, and indeed, Manson - Melcher fucked Ruthann Dean's daughter multiple times, when she was just 15, 16 - Girls looking for sex Bergen was when he was living with Candy Bergen.

Manson saw Tate at Cielo Drive when he went to find Melcher.

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Girls looking for sex Bergen She asked Rudy on a flight they took together soon Sexy massages Marshalltown if 'that creepy guy' had come back to the house.

It's not clear if Manson knew Tate was at Cielo that night or not. He told Watson to 'kill everyone there', i. Manson and one other person - probably Bruce Davis - Girls looking for sex Bergen Cielo Drive a few hours after Berhen killings, while it was still dark.

He moved Roman's trunks which had been sent on from London, and he left a pair of eye glasses at the scene, to misdirect detectives.

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It's possible he moved the bodies too. OK I've been down the rabbit hole. Tex Watson, the info about him dealing was good. Wikipedia says nothing about how he met Manson and why he killed 8 people.

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Any more biographical info? This thread is amazing. The Family did a lot of hitch hiking all over S Xxx dating in ga. Susan Atkins and a friend were picked up by a minor Middle Eastern actor at one point and as usual repaid the guy Girls looking for sex Bergen going home with him and fucking him.

After several days, she went back to the apartment complex looking to possibly steal from him and had trouble finding his apartment. Frustrated about the fruitless trip, Susan decided to leave a huge dump in front of his door.

As it turned out, she had chosen the wrong apartment and the unaware tenants Brrgen the stinking mess as they opened their door. Dennis Wilson was also entranced by North seattle hookup plethora of "easy" Manson Family girls who would fuck anyone. I think he also picked some of them up whilst they hitch hiked and he wound up with a house full of freeloaders who, in the end, cost him a fortune before all was said and done.

He moved on to Christine McVie and Girls looking for sex Bergen with her Lookibg think when xex went down and never came back up again. You can't say he didn't have talent. Had he ever had the presence of mind to sign a contract he could have at least been a middling success back then. The Beach Boys were musical geniuses. I wouldn't take Charlie's word that they stole anything from him.

If anything, Charlie probably stole his music from the kids around him. Atkins almost certainly is sociopathic and likely would have killed without Manson. The other two I'm not as sure of; but the fact remains looing did kill, and horrifically.

They were extraordinarily lucky they missed Bairoil WY adult personals on the death penalty, but instead they got the worst thing the state could throw at them life without parole Girls looking for sex Bergen, but they deserved it--these were some of the most horrific crimes ever.

They were microdosing with LSD. In small doses, LSD sdx make a person impressionable and vulnerable to mind control.

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The Kooking Post reported on it extensively in I most certainly can. Manson had no talent. He tor even capable of "middling" success. By the way, Melcher claimed never to have fucked any of of the Manson girls. He claimed he tried to assist The Family because of the children he'd seen among them. He said it really got to him, these children who had to "eat out Girls looking for sex Bergen garbage cans" because of their living situation with all the dirty, Girls looking for sex Bergen hippies.

When questioned by the police the cops implied to Melcher that maybe he was interested in The Family in order to fuck all those willing young girls. Melcher said he showed them loo,ing of some of his girlfriends, "real beauties" all of them, and he said to them with women like that to go to bed with why would he want "Manson's clap-ridden, unwashed dogs? No, they got the death penalty.

They lucked out that the death penalty was overturned in California a year or two later hence their sentences were changed to life without parole.

No -- it changed to a life sentence, which is why the surviving Tates had to endure parole hearings every two years. R He did record tracks with Melcher. This was done while the patients were still conscious and no anaesthetic was used. This experiment did not take long but must have caused a great deal of pain to the person experimented on because I have heard them shout and cry with pain. Many found it impossible to walk afterwards and had to go to bed. None of these people died in hospital as a result of these experiments but as I have said before it is certain that when they went to Birkenau they went to the gas chamber, as I am sure they could not work.

Many prisoners who were in this block Girls looking for sex Bergen very sick but tried hard not to show it as they knew they would Sex old women Ivanishki sent immediately to Birkenau and then to the gas chamber. Those that remained in the Block had this experiment made on them two or three times. Four or five injections were also given to the prisoners by this Doctor. The object, according to Professor Clauberg was to sterilise but I cannot say whether it did in fact result in sterilisation.

The photographs were of the lower part of the Girls looking for sex Bergen and it is natural that from an experimental point of view they Girls looking for sex Bergen be better on the young than the old. These photographs were taken 24 hours after the experiments. Gebel was also responsible for carrying out similar operations. In the summer of I witnessed the public hanging of 4 women under the supervision of SS man Hoessler whom I identify as No 1 on photo 9.

Hoessler was in charge of this camp. SS man Franz Hoessler Girls looking for sex Bergen with the corpses during his arrest Heerlen-kerkrade sex contacts The persons hung were accused of assisting other persons to destroy the crematorium.

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Some explosives had been stolen from a store outside the camp and the four girls were the persons in charge of this store. They were therefore held responsible for the loss and were hung. In prison Block 11 at Auschwitz were kept political prisoners including women and children. I myself have seen on many occasions batches of about taken out naked and put against the wall and shot. The Girls looking for sex Bergen was done by SS guards on the Looking for 1st time fun of Commandant Schwartz.

Fox, Capt General List. I hereby certify that, the said deponent not understanding English, this affidavit was translated in my presence to the said Deponent before swearing and I am satisfied that its contents are fully understood by the said Deponent.

Karl Hocker on left, looking at the camera relaxes with SS physicians, lkoking Dr. Fritz Klein far leftDr. Horst Schumann partially obscured next to Klein, identified from other photographsand Dr.

Eduard Wirths third from right, wearing tie Dated this 26 th day of May I hereby certify that I have accurately translated this Affidavit Girls looking for sex Bergen the said Deponent. Dated this 26 th day of May In my presence at Auschwitz he selected victims for the gas chambers. The said Deponent Renee Erman was at Belsen this 31 st day of May examined by me and re-sworn before me, paragraph 10 being added.

I certify that I accurately interpreted at the examination by Major S. The execution of the four women took place not in the summer of but in Octoberfollowing the Sonderkommando revolt on the 7 October Summary of Examination of Fof Wernecke of Germany, duly loooking states: My permanent address is Banhofstrasse 88 Munchen Germany.

I have today been shown a number Girls looking for sex Bergen photographs and from these have picked NO. At Auschwitz- Birkenau I was employed as a nurse at the Revier. He went into the rooms where the nurses slept and there he raped whoever pleased him. He was nearly always drunk when he came in and usually stayed for one or two Girps.

During one of his nightly visits in Mayhe came up to me, gave me a cigarette and told me that he would send a sentry to take me to his quarters as he wanted to sleep with me.

When the sentry came for me about half an hour later, I refused to go. 45247 women looking for sex following night Schwarzhuber came up to me and asked why I had not come.

I told him I was married and that my husband was at Auschwitz. My back bled a lot and Girls looking for sex Bergen collapsed. Schwarzhuber told me to get up but I was unable to do so. He then kicked me with his heavy boots all over my body. I was confined to bed for six weeks after the beating.

Map showing concentration camps throughout Germany and the occupied territories click text to Girlls When I was not on night duty I slept with my husband in Block 4, Schwarzhuber would often come into our Block at night and make the married Escanaba MI bi horney housewifes get up from the beds they shared with their husbands. They then had to Girls looking for sex Bergen completely and in full view of their husbands were made to dance before Schwarzhuber.

He then would pick out the lookinh who was best looking and take her into the room of the Block Leader for immoral purposes. The children were very restless and some cried. Two little boys of about 4 were sitting on fkr chamber relieving themselves and they started to cry too as Schwarzhuber came in. Their heads split wide open and they both died instantaneously. Schwarzhuber then ordered me to pick up the Girls looking for sex Bergen bodies and carry them to the death hall at the Revier, which I did so.

He also told me that I must not mention the fact that dor had killed the children to anyone. I certify that I duly translated the above summary to the witness in the German language prior to her signature Can a girl from Tampa Florida get pleasure appears above.

I am of German nationality and my age is I was arrested Girls looking for sex Bergen Bremen on 5 th August by the Gestapo. I was put Cor a cell in the local police prison at Bremen where I remained for about a month.

The reason lookkng my arrest was that I refused to work at the Focke Wolfe factory. I was then transferred loooing Ravensbruck where I remained until 26 th March From there I was taken to Auschwitz and I remained in Auschwitz Girls looking for sex Bergen January when I was ofr to Ravensbruck for a short time and was finally brought to Belsen in March On the 17 th June I was arrested by the British and confined in the local prison.

I have now been told that he is known as Girls looking for sex Bergen Schreier, but I do not think that is his real name. When I first met Bregen he was in charge of the arrest block and on one occasion in or about the end of March Schreier was present when a group of men were lined up for selection.

I saw the men selected taken upstairs into a certain room where it was well known that shootings took place. On this occasion I saw that when Schreier and the other SS men returned from the Milf dating in Bradenton one of them was still wearing a glove which was covered in blood. Women forced to labor at Ravensbruck I was told by another Kapo whose name is Jacob that the men selected by Schreier and other SS men were taken up and shot.