Best nano - coating for:(interior - exterior) natural and artificial stone (limestone, sandstone, concrete), granite, marble, cement-lime plaster, cobblestone, brick, pavers, tiles, drywall, grout etc. ISOKOR EKO PROFI nano - coating is ideal for hydrophobic insulation of walls (vertical parts of objects with mineral surfaces) exposed to rain. Prevents water damage to buildings, microbial growth, moss and mold formation or penetration of bacteria into the material. Great for treatment of old historic buildings and statues. Thanks to the long-term lotus effect, the treated surface has a strong self-cleaning ability. Treated surface is absolutely nontoxic.
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    Best nano - coating for the treatment of cars, stainless steel, chrome, painted or unpainted boat hull, personal watercraft, painted metal, painted and unpainted plastic and other hard surfaces painted (varnished wood). Ideal for primary treatment of plastics in household as plastic tubs , plastic and stainless sinks, plastic window frames, stainless steel cookware, oven, faucets, painted surfaces such as painted furniture, furniture covered with plastic film, etc.
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    Ideal nano - coating for windshield an glass on cars, trains, boats and other vehicles exposed to dirt, seawater, exhaust fumes and oil. Excellent for treatment of sanitary ceramics and glass, mirrors, sinks, showers, toilet bowls, glazed tiles, oven glass, fireplace glass, glass top electric stoves/ranges, windows on buildings (high-rises), solar panels etc.

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Best nano-coating for your tiles, stone, limestone, sandstone, concrete, cobblestone, pavers, roof tiles, clay, cars, boat, furniture, glass, mirrors, solar panels, wood, swimming pools, windshields, sinks, showers, ceramics, oven, faucets, marble, granite, cement, driveway, brick, drywall, grout.